Family Pantry

Family Pantry is a small, family owned business located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. They are focused on offering an extensive range of organic food online and delivering it to communities all over New Zealand.

About their products

Family Pantry offers a combination of organic certified bulk foods (e.g. organic flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, rice) and high quality retail products (e.g. Olivado Avocado Oils, Beagle’s Bees honey). Think of Family Pantry as your organic bulk food store – online.

All of our organic bulk foods are:

  • sourced from reputable wholesalers / growers / farmers
  • packed to order, fresh each time
  • available in the quantity you need from 200/300g up to 20kgs
  • packed into biodegradable and compostable paper bags
  • stored in airtight containers which are only opened during repack
  • re-packed by one dedicated person
  • couriered to rural and residential communities NZ wide

Family Pantry complies with the high standards of the New Zealand Food Safety requirements and is independently audited by local authorities.

We source our food from reputable producers and wholesalers with an aim to buy local, New Zealand grown food whenever we can.

And last but not least, we aim to offer you the best prices across our certified organic bulk product range.

Check out some of their recipes below.

Coconut Pineapple & Mango Chia Pudding

Flourless Black Bean Fudge Brownies

View their product range and blogs at

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