Business groups

Build knowledge and connection

As the industry continues to face change, we acknowledge the need for new skills and tools in the toolbox to navigate this change and prepare for the future.

DWN Business Groups provide our members with a small group environment to connect with like-minded dairy-women and build knowledge for success in their businesses going forward. These groups enable passionate and engaged women to inspire each other around a range of real and relevant topics such as farming, business and personal development, leadership, health and well-being.

Each group is diverse and contains farming women at different stages of their farming journey, creating range of perspectives and insight. The groups provide a valuable experience for members, and conversations are focused on the topics that are relevant to them.

Business Group Leaders coordinate each group, preparing the agenda and encouraging shared facilitation. The content of each meeting is set by the members of the group to ensure peer-to-peer contribution. Without barriers to what groups do with their time, the conversation can range from technical farming topics and industry challenges to field trips, social occasions or debating strategic ideas. (Regardless of the topic, it’s about stopping each month and focusing your energy on the bigger picture.)

As a member of a Business Group you will:

  • Grow as a person and as a leader through shared learning and opportunity
  • Embrace the group values and contribute your experience and ideas in a safe, empowering space
  • Build strong connections with like-minded women with regular contact each month
  • Make a commitment to the group for a minimum of 1 year (10 meetings)
  • Realise the value of investing in yourself with the annual fee of $500+GST
  • Have an incredible amount of fun along the way, and find a place to belong!