Totally Balmy

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Totally Balmy is the creation of Sharon Holmes, and was started in Lower Hutt in 2013 with lip balm. She is now based in Feilding and sells a range of handmade skincare along with a range of zero waste products.

Totally Balmy is passionate about reducing their impact, and the impact of others, on the planet because there is no planet B. Their goal is to provide skincare products with natural, simple ingredients, enabling their customers to use fewer potentially harmful chemicals in everyday life. As well as natural, handmade skincare, they also stock a range of zero waste bathroom and household products so you can top up your soap bars, hemp protein powder, toothpaste tablets and stainless steel pegs all in one place, packaged in glass jars and cardboard tubes where possible.

The handmade skincare is made in small batches by Sharon, a.k.a. Mrs Balmy! All of their raw ingredients are sourced from other New Zealand based companies, and about 95% of the zero waste products are from within NZ.

Check out their website for all products available for purchase or follow Totally Balmy on Facebook and Instagram!

Products are also available at Binn Inn Feilding and Be Free Grocer.


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