The Honey Crate

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As beekeepers The Honey Crate care a lot about the environment that our bees fly around in! Which is why they started a “swap a crate” service, for a sustainable way to source your honey, straight from the beekeeper and without the use of plastic packaging. The Honey Crate is available in 100% reusable packaging, either by the crate (4 or 6 jars) or by the glass jar (700g). All of their packaging can be returned and reused again, and the best part is that they offer their customers a discount every time you return your empty crate and jars.

The hives are located in the remote Otago Valley, and The Honey Crate work with their farmers to collect the purest white clover honey, and provide pollination services for their paddocks.

The Honey Crate also sell up-cycled bottle candles, beeswax food wraps from HoneyWrap, and blocks of pure beeswax for you to make your own!

Check out their website for all products available for purchase or follow The Honey Crate on Facebook!


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