With this season and next shaping to be very challenging for NZ Dairy farmers, Dairy Women’s Network, Figured and CMK Chartered Accountants have teamed up to provide a practicable and relatable content program which helps them to better manage the financial side of their business through these times. 

We talk a lot about the need to help farmers through this season: the purpose of Milking It is to actually provide that help, and show everyone how accessible and achievable it is to really manage finances well. We aim to help reduce uncertainty, make it easier for farmers to better manage the financial aspects of their business, show how the right support is available, when to ask for help and what to ask for.

By grounding the story in the real day-to-day life of a dairy farmer, we’ll tell the story of how bringing the whole farming team together, the business runs better and can negotiate tricky situations. 

We are looking for a farmer or farming couple:

  • who wants to build better relationships with their off-farm teams through strong financial management
  • that can showcase how everyone comes together, what they do and the positive impacts that strong financial management has on both the business and on the human level
  • willing to share practical, relatable and above all, a do-able way to take control of their farming business
  • willing to share their stories through multi-media channels, such as social media, blogs, media releases, radio interviews, podcasts, webinars, video

The selected recipient will receive:

  • accounting and advisory services from CMK Chartered Accountants for one year
  • a one-year Farm Manager subscription to Figured
  • Figured Insights modelling and benchmarking for one year
  • support from Figured’s data team for additional insights and analysis
  • access to support from other leading organisations in the sector

Applications have now closed.

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