The Milking It Project

Dairy Women’s Network (DWN), CMK Chartered Accountants (CMK), Rural Exchange, MediaWorks and Figured have teamed up to become the ultimate “off-farm” team through a practical and relatable content programme which will help a NZ dairy farming family to better manage the financial side of their business. 

The Milking It Project

Dairy Women’s Network (DWN), CMK Chartered Accountants (CMK), Rural Exchange, MediaWorks and Figured have teamed up to provide a practical and relatable content programme which will help a NZ dairy farming family to better manage the financial side of their business.

Milking It: A Farming Journey

The Milking It Project supports New Zealand dairy farmers by offering practical and relatable financial management guidance. Through the real-life journey of first-year farm owners Addie and Kip, we will gain a deeper understanding of the daily financial challenges of dairy farming.

Their journey will be shared through multiple formats focussing on valuable advice, expert insights, and how good financial management can be accessible and achievable. By reducing uncertainty and highlighting the importance of a strong support network, we aim to demonstrate the benefits of teamwork and technology in decision-making.

Our goal is to highlight the importance of farmers having the confidence and tools needed to manage their finances effectively, ensuring both business success and personal well-being. Join us as we build financial resilience in the dairy farming community.

Meet the family

Meet Addie and Kip, the dedicated farmers at the heart of the Milking It Project. As first-year dairy farm owners in Waitaha, West Coast, they manage 250 crossbred cows on a 160-hectare farm. With Kip’s 12 years of sharemilking experience and Addie’s background in primary school teaching, they bring a unique blend of skills and determination to their new venture.

Addie and Kip also juggle the responsibilities of owning a cafe/store in Harihari, all while raising their three children, aged 12, 4, and 1. Facing the challenges of financial management and farm operations head-on, they are eager to learn and share their journey. Through the Milking It Project, Addie and Kip seek support and knowledge to navigate the complexities of farm ownership and inspire others in the dairy farming community.

Follow the journey

Stay connected with the Milking It Project and follow Addie and Kip’s journey as they navigate their first year of dairy farm ownership. You can keep up with their progress through a variety of formats, including podcasts, Audiobooks, videos, blog posts, and social media updates. Our multi-media content will provide regular insights, expert advice, and real-time problem-solving tips. Watch our channels and join us on social media to receive the latest updates and be part of this inspiring journey towards financial resilience in dairy farming.

Interview 1 – Jules and Dom

Hear Jules Benton speaking to Dominic George about Milking It
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Addie’s Blog #2 – Sunshine on the West Coast

It’s been a busy week farm maintenance wise. I think I’ve carted about 124,000 loads of gravel. Busy re-gravelling races, the yard and...
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Podcast – Episode 1 – COMING SOON

Stay tuned for the first podcast
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Addie’s Blog #1 – The start of Winter

We are well and truly into the winter season. Been dried off for 3 weeks now after a great first season on our new dairy ...
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Meet Our Project Team

Meet the team supporting Addie and Kip through their journey within the Milking It Project.

Sally Coombe


Sally Coombe is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for the dairy industry, drawing from her role as an equity partner in a South Taranaki dairy farm. She specialises in financial and tax planning, budgeting, and assisting clients in achieving growth. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and children, and contributing to their dairy farm.

Andrew Darke


Andrew, CMK’s strategist, helps clients achieve their goals by developing tailored strategic plans. Raised on a sheep and beef farm in King Country, he specializes in agribusiness and succession planning for farmers nationwide. Despite a busy schedule, he values family time and is dedicated to guiding clients to success.

John Dazley


John Dazley is a seasoned advisor with a passion for supporting agricultural and horticultural clients across New Zealand. Specializing in taxation planning, he assists businesses in maximizing profits and advises on effective trading structures, particularly for family-run enterprises. Outside of work, John is heavily involved in community activities and is a staunch supporter of local not-for-profit organizations, all while balancing family commitments.

Jules Benton


Jules Benton brings a unique perspective to her role as CEO of the Dairy Women’s Network, with deep family ties to the dairy industry. Her passion for storytelling and connection drives her commitment to empowering DWN members in their dairy journeys. Outside work, Jules is dedicated to fitness, cherishes time with loved ones, and finds inspiration in the beauty of New Zealand.

Genevra Scott


Genevra is Figured’s Head of Customer Success. She is a Chartered Accountant and has worked in rural accounting firms for 13 years – so she knows her way around the books. She’s also no stranger to the agriculture industry, she grew up on a beef and deer farm, has run several dairy farms in the past with her husband and now owns a grazing and cropping farm in the Waikato.

Behind the Scenes Crew

Rose Young

DWN Learning and Development Coordinator

Rose is the Learning and Development Coordinator at Dairy Women’s Network and the project lead for the “Milking It” project. With a passion for the dairy industry, Rose is dedicated to supporting New Zealand dairy farmers. Her planning and coordination efforts ensure that all aspects of the project run smoothly and on schedule. Outside of work, Rose finds joy in the great outdoors, especially in water sports like surfing.

Sarah Van Munster

DWN Insights and Media Manager

Sarah is the Insights and Media Manager here at Dairy Women’s Network and is helping to lead the “Milking It” project, ensuring that all online materials are up-to-date and effectively communicated. With a background in management studies, Sarah helps to keep all aspects of the project on track. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending time with family, skiing, fishing, and cycling.

Forsyth Thompson

Figured’s Head of Marketing

Forsyth is Figured’s Head of Marketing. His background in digital is long enough to pre-date Google and he thrives on challenges, specialising in marketing as a lever for business growth. With a long track record of growth, transformation and delivering business results he worked in a wide range of industries before discovering that SaaS was his real passion. A self-described family man, spare time sees him coaching kids rugby, out on his bike, but most likely somewhere out on the Hauraki fishing or diving.

Takumi Kinjo

Marketing Manager at Figured

Takumi is a Marketing Manager at Figured, and is supporting the development of the Milking It series. He has a passion for telling stories from the New Zealand agriculture industry and sharing the impactful work that Agri advisors do to grow farming businesses. In his spare time, Takumi enjoys spending time with his family and his dog, River, as well as cooking and playing golf.

Nick Fisher

Head of Rural for MediaWorks

Nick hails from Dunedin and transitioned from the meat industry to marketing and media. As Head of Rural for MediaWorks NZ, he drives the commercial success of their Rural Exchange products. Nick is a leader in rural marketing and advertising, known for his in-depth understanding of commercial partnerships and sponsorships.

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CMK Chartered Accountants

CMK has been providing accounting, taxation and business development support to clients for nearly 70 years. CMK takes pride in working closely with its clients at all stages of growth, to structure their business to maximise both profit and efficiency.

Our Partners

This project wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable contributions of all partners: CMK, Figured, DWN, Rural Exchange and MediaWorks. Together, we are committed to helping farmers navigate financial complexities and build resilience through practical, relatable content. Thank you to all our partners for their dedication and support in making this project a reality.

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