Make time for your people – Webinars

People are at the epicentre of our farm businesses, and ensuring employers and employees have strong relationships and a good work-life balance is key to the future of the industry. Moving the dial on the importance of attracting and retaining great people in the dairy industry is the focus of this workshop and webinar series. This is a free event funded by New Zealand Dairy Farmers through the DairyNZ levy.

These webinars delve deeper into the topics addressed in the workshop, to ensure that you are equipped with the right knowledge and resources.

  • Employment AgreementsListen to Chris Lewis from Federated Farmers and Emma Thompson from Norris Ward McKinnon discuss all the ins and outs of Employment Agreements.
  • Rosters – The rosters of yesterday are significantly different to what we see today. Take a deep dive into rosters with Jane Muir from DairyNZ and Kerrin Hotop from PaySauce.
  • The Whole Person Comes to Work – Learn how to keep your team safe with Lee Astridge from No8HR, Rebecca Miller from MilkIQ and Al McCone from WorkSafe
  • Managing Risks of Drugs and AlcoholFeel confident in managing the risks of drugs and alcohol in your work place with Graeme Smith from The Drug Detection Agency.



Employment Agreements

Make time for your people – Webinars


Make time for your people – Webinars

The Whole Person Comes to Work

Make time for your people – Webinars

Managing Risks of Drugs and Alcohol

Make time for your people – Webinars


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