Calf rearing workshops to run throughout NZ

Practical workshops on successful calf rearing by Dairy Women’s Network and SealesWinslow are ensuring New Zealand farmers are entering the season confidently with the right tools and knowledge to raise healthy calves.

Calf rearing is a critical time for dairy farmers, with success determined by the quality and management of newborn calves from the time of birth through to 12 weeks of age.

Each of the workshops will focus on the best practice behind providing food and shelter for newborns, with SealesWinslow’s Nutrition and Quality Manager, Natalie Hughes, presenting on calf housing and pen design for optimal health and stimulation. 

“During the workshops we’ll explore the latest research and look at how we translate this into practical tips and advice to set you up for a successful calf season,” said Hughes.

The sessions will also introduce the importance of colostrum management and how it helps to reduce the risk of neonatal disease; the impact of early life nutrition on lifetime productivity and profitability; calf energy and protein requirements; how to transition from milk to meal and meal to grass; and the calculation of food to achieve liveweight gains for heifers.

Both beginner and long-term calf rearers will benefit from attending with something new to learn and share with other attendees.

“The interactive workshops will involve lots of discussion and sharing of best practice to help calf rearers and farmer owners to get their calves off to the right start.”

Hughes will be joined by AgriVantage Technical Advisor and Nutritionist Natalie Chrystal in Southland for specialist knowledge on early life nutrition.

The first workshop will be held in Rahotu, Taranaki on the 9th of June. Following workshops will be held in the Taranaki region, Kaipara, Wairarapa, Waikato, Mid-South Canterbury, Selywn-North Canterbury, Northern Southland and Gore.

Photo: Natalie Hughes presenting at a Dairy Women’s Network Successful Calf Rearing workshop in Gore, 2019.

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Zellara Holden
Partner Relationships, Marketing and Communications Manager

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