DWN creates next step in governance for dairy women

Dairy Women’s Network have developed an Associate Trustee role to provide women in the industry with a new opportunity in governance, and which will see a different perspective and fresh thinking added to their board table. 

The role will offer the next step on the leadership and governance journey for a present and active member of the Network who shows commitment to the dairy sector through a Hub, Business Group and Regional Leader role, or as a member of the Conference Committee – although candidates are not limited to these positions.  

Applications open on the 13th of January 2022 with the full 16-month term commencing on 1st March. The successful candidate will attend board meetings and Dairy Women’s Network events over this period and will complete a targeted project focusing on leadership or an area of industry challenge. 

Women are an integral part of farming communities and the Associate Trustee role looks to tap into the industry knowledge and unique insight held by rural women to find solutions for the complex challenges that are facing the dairy industry. 

“At Dairy Women’s Network we see the promise in our women daily. This new programme brings that talent to the forefront by providing a pathway to build experience and confidence, and develop a governance CV through actively participating in our own governance framework. They can then take these experiences and skills to other roles and further opportunities, leading our industry into the future,” said Dairy Women’s Network Chair Karen Forlong. 

Forlong is pleased to announce funding from the Agricultural and Marketing Research and Development Trust (AGMARDT) for a pilot programme which will provide the Associate Trustee with access to mentoring, and external industry opportunities, throughout the duration of the programme. 

“Like many of us, AGMARDT have identified the potential of women in the industry who operate with purpose, and who are motivated to make change and craft transformation, to move into governance roles,” said Forlong. 

“Our experience is that dairy women benefit from programmes that allow them to collaboratively discuss strategies and solutions while building self-confidence and learning new skills. We see this often with our Business Groups – the aim now is to give women access to roles of increasing leadership and possibility.” 

AGMARDT will join Dairy Women’s Network in collaboratively developing a standard programme that can be implemented across the industry by other organisations, creating a range of new opportunities for women across the sector. 

“AGMARDT is thrilled to support to development of an Associate Director pilot programme for Dairy Women’s Network. Not only will it provide learning opportunities for dairy women, enabling them to have greater impact in their sector, it will also offer a blueprint for other food and fibres organisations who recognise the value in growing future directors and in having fresh perspectives around their board tables,” said AGMARDT General Manager Lee-Ann Marsh. 

“We see this as a fantastic opportunity to grow our sector’s leadership through developing a best practice approach, while removing some of the barriers smaller organisations may face in establishing their own Associate Director programmes.”

Click here for more information and to apply. Applications close 7 February 2022.


Photo: Supplied; AGMARDT General Manager Lee-Ann Marsh is excited about the potential the Associate Trustee pilot programme will have on the dairy industry. 

For more information: 
Zellara Holden 
Partner Relationships, Marketing and Communications Director 
Mob: 021 177 0300 

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