DWN helps farmers to overcome the challenge of change

Dairy Women’s Network and Ballance Agri-Nutrients are supporting rural communities to build resilience and cope with the challenges of change, through new webinars with psychologist Cynthia Johnson.

The webinars on Wednesday 2nd and Tuesday 8th March will address the difference between pressure and stress; how the mind responds to external events; the biology of stress; tips for avoiding stressful situations; and how to detach from the negative emotions and thoughts associated with stress.

The ability to deal with changing conditions is important for those working in the primary sector, where new policies and environmental events can happen at any time.

“There’s lots of change going on in farming and growing and ensuring you are resilient, match fit for it, is key to being successful on farm,” said Ballance Agri-Nutrients General Manager, Sheena Henderson.

“Farming is a 24/7 job. When you’re a farmer, your work and home are one in the same. So many of your business’ success factors are outside of your control – that can create insurmountable pressure at times. Given the constantly changing landscape, it’s important that you have the ability to be nimble and to be able to quickly adjust your plans – that’s why we’re keen to support DWN with these resilience webinars, as they provide tools and options to navigate stressful situations.”

“The industry is facing some undeniably challenging times and we want to make sure we are providing our members with clear tools and knowledge to support their wellbeing,” said Dairy Women’s Network Chief Executive, Jules Benton.

“Resilience is a big topic at the moment and we know the impact it can have on both personal and professional lives. We’re pleased that Cynthia, who understands the industry, is joining us to deliver these webinars.”

As a facilitator of the Challenge of Change Resilience programme, Cynthia empathises with people who are overwhelmed. She draws on her own experience working as a psychologist with the New Zealand Air Force, through to her most recent corporate role in Organisational Development with Fonterra, to provide practical ways through everyday stressors.

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Photo: Supplied; The Challenge of Change presenter Cynthia Johnson has been facilitating resilience workshops for over ten years

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