Best practice and vital new research focus of calf rearing webinar series

3 June 2020

Existing best practice and vital new research aimed at producing strong, healthy, well grown calves is the focus of five calf rearing webinars being run by the Dairy Women’s Network starting on Monday.

Calf rearing is a critical time for dairy farmers, with success determined by the quality and management of new-born calves. It covers the time from birth to 12 weeks of age and includes feeding (colostrum, milk, fibre, meal, and water), housing, general husbandry and health management of calves from the moment they are born up to four weeks post weaning.

SealesWinslow’s Nutrition and Quality Manager, Natalie Hughes will be covering topics that includes setting up a shed for optimal calf health, timing of feeding quality colostrum and the impact on passive transfer and changes in milk over time, to what to look for in a calf meal, how to transition from milk to meal and meal to grass and how to calculate how much to feed to achieve liveweight targets.

“There are real differences between best practice and what’s practical,” Hughes said. “The Dairy Women’s Network’s successful calf rearing webinar series is all about bridging the gap between the two. There will be lots of good information and advice to ensure farmers are growing the best possible calves.”

Fonterra’s Senior Veterinary Manager, Mike Shallcrass will discuss the importance of colostrum management, neonatal nutrition and disease prevention for a successful calf rearing season.

“Participants should gain an understanding of the common diseases that affect calves, how to treat them, and how to prevent them happening in the first place,” he said.

“Whether you are new to calf rearing or have more experience this is a must attend webinar series for all those involved in calf rearing.”

The Successful calf rearing webinar series starts on Monday with housing and pen design and goes through to Thursday covering achieving liveweight gains for heifers.

The following Thursday evening (18th June at 7pm) there will be a LIVE webinar with both presenters focused on questions and answers.

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