Proud Supporters of the Network

UBCO is the world’s most accessible AWD electric motorbike – proudly born, tested and adopted on NZ farms.

From its roots in a Wairarapa shed, its 2X2 bike is now in its 5th Generation and tougher than ever. So much so, it’s picking up global fans from farmers, hunters and rangers, to campers, explorers, and urban commuters.

With a lightweight, durable frame and low centre of gravity, navigation through challenging landscapes and terrain is easy. And with a motor in each wheel, it’s no problem riding through mud, water, rocks, hills, long grass and even sand.

UBCO is opening up motorised riding, outdoor work and adventure to more people than ever before, by making it easier, more accessible and versatile.

We’re proud to support the work of the Dairy Women’s Network improving innovation, knowledge and connections in farming.