Whanganui farmer and mentor named as this year’s Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year

Whanganui sharemilker Belinda Price has been announced as the 2021 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year at tonight’s gala awards dinner, following the Allflex and DWN2021 Step Up Together Conference in Taupo.

The other finalists were Ashburton dairy farmer Rebecca Miller and contract milker and LIC farm consultant Chevon Horsford from Whangarei.

Dairy Women’s Network Trustee Sophie Stanley, who headed up the judging panel, said that all three finalists highlighted the wide range of diversity in leadership within dairy and the shifting focus of the industry to a people-focused approach.

“The three finalists were all impressive with a different approach to how they lead and create positive impact for our people, communities, industry and the agriculture sector as a whole,” said Stanley.

“Belinda demonstrates a passion for people, building up the industry from grass roots through her roles in coaching and mentorship. She has a strong foundation of values and she displays humility, passion and high energy, which creates a unique approach to leadership.”

After entering the industry 12 years ago through a sharemilking contract, Price and her husband now own a dairy farm in Taranaki and sharemilk 650 cows in Nukumaru, where she is responsible for the day-to-day running, calf-rearing, human resources and administration for their two businesses.

Active in upskilling herself, Price completed the Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme and shares her knowledge and experience across many mentorship roles within the industry including PrimaryITO, DairyNZ’s Dairy Connect Programme and Rural Support.

Her influence on the industry is widespread with additional roles with Environment Leaders Taranaki and the Step Change Pilot Programme with DairyNZ to make changes to their farm operations for better environmental outcomes.

Being named the Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year was recognition for her contributions to the industry so far, Price said.

“Winning the 2021 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year is a huge honour. Its acknowledgement that what I have done to date has been really helpful and beneficial, and allows me to upskill and continue that journey to help others achieve their goals in the industry that has given me so much and that I love.”

“It was my pleasure to present Belinda Price with the 2021 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year award. It’s great seeing her give so much to our industry. The passion, energy and co-operation she clearly displays across her multiple roles is paving the way for the next generation of farmers to succeed,” said Fonterra Chief Executive Miles Hurrell.

As the 2021 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year, Price receives a scholarship of up to $20,000 to undertake a development programme, professional and business coaching, a learning experience, or a combination of all three.

Photo: Supplied; 2021 Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year recipient Belinda Price says receiving the award is an honour and recognition of her work to date.

For more information:
Zellara Holden
Dairy Women’s Network Partnerships, Communications and Marketing Manager

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