An Industry Update: November 2021

If we pause and reflect on what the past 18 months has taught us all, it’s that we should stick to our purpose, remember our roots, and support our people.

While we appreciate the challenges that we have faced as an industry as a result of Covid, we are collectively looking forward and finding solutions together with other organisations. Because while our sector has faced uncertainties some key things remain: land, animals, and people. We are fortunate that we have strong leaders who see opportunities for the industry and who guide us all in navigating the future with courage and optimism, so that we can do our best by the other two.

Restrictions haven’t stopped DWN or any other industry organisation from connecting with members, and once again online learning has proven itself to be a viable learning platform and a great alternative to face-to-face workshops. We have seen an increase across webinar registrations and attendance rates, because the webinar platform drives learning within a full farm team, and those who might not be able to take the time away from the farm for a workshop are still able to access the incredibly important and valuable information that our Network Partners and presenters have to share.

We have also used our collective voice to collaborate with DairyNZ and Federated Farmers on trials facing the dairy industry regarding staff shortages, and solutions that focus on positive outcomes for the sector. In the meantime, we are working to equip our farmers with an understanding of how technology can be used within the farming business to streamline office and on-farm work, and ease the burden we know you’re feeling at the moment. Technology plays a huge part in the industry and through our recent partnerships with Xero, Figured and Lely Robotics, we’re helping to keep the sector moving forward no matter what comes our way.

I look forward to connecting with you all at our next conference as we prepare together for a brighter, braver and bolder future, and celebrating the women who have guided our industry through the Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year and the Regional Leader of the Year awards.

Jules Benton
CEO, Dairy Women’s Network

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