After seven years Gibb steps off Dairy Women’s Network Board

26 May 2020

After seven years Alison Gibb will pull up her chair as a Trustee at next week’s Dairy Women’s Network board meeting for the last time.

“It’s time to step back and let fresh eyes and input take the organisation to the next level, and it’s also important for me that I move on to new challenges,” she said.

“I was on the appointments committee for the three replacements (for the Dairy Women’s Network Board) and believe that they will bring a different set of skills and provide an exciting freshness to the board.”

Gibb started working in August last year as an Electorate Agent for National Member of Parliament the Hon Tim Macindoe and while still remaining an Electorate Agent and MP support, she will move into the role of Senior MP Support.

A committed lifelong learner Gibb’s says the position with Macindoe offers her new experiences, particularly in the technology area. “I have never managed staff before but am very excited to put into practice all that I have learnt attending workshops and discussions at Dairy Women’s Network.”

She says one of her highlights during her time on the board was as chair of the judging panel for the Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year.

“I always feel exhilarated and thoroughly inspired after interviewing the finalists and I love that it is an award that recognises an emerging leader who has done so much already but with the scholarship provided by the award they are able to leap into the next phase of their journey.”

Gibb’s says she loves the opportunity Dairy Women’s Network offers to connect with “wonderful women who are thought provoking, inspirational, fun and extremely focussed. They have helped to challenge my thinking and I enjoy seeing women grow in confidence.”

Dairy Women’s Network Chair Karen Forlong said she valued Gibb’s ability of being unafraid to challenge others to “think outside the square” while balancing that with a great sense of process and procedure.

“I will miss her holding me to account on protocol,” Forlong said.  “I have enjoyed knowing she has my back when it comes to i dotting and t crossing.  I know full well that Dairy Women’s Network as her tribe thank her for all that she has given. We wish her well on the next leg of life’s journey and know that a relationship that spans decades won’t see her being a stranger.”

Along with husband Russell the couple run a 100 hectare farm in Orini, Waikato with their daughter Natalie.

Previously a school teacher Gibb has had a number of other roles in the dairy industry and is still President of JerseyNZ and treasurer of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau. Seven years ago she also set up the JerseyNZ Youth Council to teach young people about Governance.

“The Dairy Women’s Network is quite unique and I admire the vision of the founders of the organisation,” she said.

“I travel overseas each year to attend the World Jersey Bureau meetings and rub shoulders with many women who would dearly love the opportunity to belong to a group such as Dairy Women’s Network; some countries are starting groups with a similar purpose in mind.”

“I have enjoyed my time on the board and have had many opportunities and experiences that I greatly value.”

Gibb’s final board meeting is in Hamilton on Friday the 5th of June.

Photo credit; Dairy Women’s Network: After seven years Alison Gibb will pull up her chair as a Trustee at next week’s Dairy Women’s Network board meeting for the last time.


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