FarmIQ and NZ Landcare Trust Farm Environmental Plan Webinars

NZLT and FarmIQ have teamed up to provide three helpful webinars for those thinking of undertaking a Farm Environment Plan.

Week 1: ‘What is an FEP?’

Learn about FEPs, what they mean for your farm business, how to get started easily and where to find resources and advice to set you up for FEP success. With Nardene Berry (NZ Landcare Trust) and Alison Worth (FarmIQ).

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Download the ‘FEP Getting Started Guide’ handout

Download the ‘Working Together’ handout

Download the ‘How to Start a Catchment Group’ handout

Week 2: ‘FEP Mapping’

Find out how and what to include in your farm map for your FEP. This interactive session will show you how easy it is to use the FarmIQ digital map to identify your farm’s environmental features such as waterways, riparian planting and risk areas. Plus, learn more about the value and benefits of a good map, and get some handy tips to get started. With Alastair Cole (NZ Landcare Trust) and Alison Worth (FarmIQ).

Watch the webinar

Week 3: ‘Planning and Implementing Your FEP Goals and Objectives’

We all know that having a plan in place is great, but actually putting it into practice and reporting on outcomes can be challenging, especially if your FEP is a local policy requirement. In this session, Alison and Nathan will show you how to set your FEP goals and objectives effectively so you and other key stakeholders can monitor and measure progress easily. With Nathan Burkepile (NZ Landcare Trust) and Alison Worth (FarmIQ).

Register for the webinar – Tuesday 23rd June @ 7pm