Understanding the value of sample-based pregnancy testing in dairy cattle

REPRODUCTIVE performance is the economic driver of all dairy and beef farms.

For generations, dairy farmers have incorporated more frequent pregnancy testing to manage the reproductive performance of their cows more efficiently.

The benefits of pregnancy testing include better control of calving patterns, improved nutritional management, greater insight into reproductive diseases and improved management of herd genetics.

Knowledge has power.
It controls access to opportunity and advancement, which will ultimately lead to improved herd fertility and profitability for a dairy farmer.

IDEXX Alertys Pregnancy Tests – what are they, and how do they work?

Alertys Pregnancy Tests are defined as sample-based pregnancy tests because they detect pregnancy using a sample of blood and/or milk. The Alertys tests detect Pregnancy-Associated Glycoproteins (PAGs) produced by the cow’s placenta. Only in the presence of a live embryo or foetus will PAGs be produced.

Milk Pregnancy Testing – Run alongside routine herd testing

The Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test offers dairy farmers who routinely herd test the ability to pregnancy test cows using the sample sample of milk collected for analysis. All you need to do is select this option when you book your test, and let your herd recording lab do the rest.

The test is proven to detect pregnancy as early as 28 days with 98.7 per cent accuracy. This easy method of pregnancy testing improves animal welfare, reduces workload and is less stressful on the farmer and cow.

In 2020, AGFIRST Waikato published their assessment on the Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test. The assessments purpose was to review the management decisions surrounding empty cows and the potential use of the Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test in New Zealand.


Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test – A NEW cow side pregnancy test farmers can run

Are you interested in pregnancy testing cows and heifers yourself, using your own facilities? IDEXX has recently launched a new pregnancy test that empowers farmers to pregnancy test animals as early as 28 days post-breeding using a sample of blood.

The Alertys OnFarm test provides farmers accurate (99.7 per cent) pregnancy detection with results in 20 mins. The test can be run by farm staff or veterinary technicians comfortable taking a blood sample.

The Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test offers dairy farmers the opportunity to take control of their reproduction program in order to increase herd profitability and productivity.

In 2021, IDEXX ran some trials with New Zealand farmers to assess the benefits and usability of the Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test for dairy farmers across New Zealand. IDEXX conducted interviews seeking farmers’ feedback on how this test could best be integrated in their management process.

Read what they had to say about their experience using the test


Speak to your IDEXX representative today about using the Alertys tests next time you have to pregnancy test.
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