Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year Award


The Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year award recognises an outstanding woman who has significantly contributed to the dairy industry with passion, drive, innovation and leadership.

The winner will receive a bursary of up to $20,000 for an approved development programme, professional/business coaching and/or learning experience (or combination of these) chosen by the recipient.

The Dairy Woman of the Year 2018 title will be awarded at the national conference in Rotorua on the 22nd March 2018. Finalists will be individually interviewed on 20th February 2018 in Auckland to ascertain a winner followed by Media training and filming on the 21st February in Auckland.

The selection panel consists of five judges including representatives from Dairy Women’s Network, Fonterra, Global Women, Ballance Agri-Nutrients and a previous Dairy Woman of the Year Winner.


The judging panel will give consideration to the following qualities when awarding the Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year title:

The entrant has a commitment, drive and passion for the dairy industry as a whole and is a positive role model for women in dairying.

  1. She is a strong performer, who is recognised by her peers as a potential leader.
  2. She demonstrates leadership within her community, but has a wider circle of influence than her local community.
  3. The entrant is influential in the dairy industry, holding or having previously held leadership positions on regional or national dairy organisations.
  4. She may also hold/have held a governance role in relevant organisations, or have future aspirations in governance in the dairy industry. The entrant has a vision to add value to the dairy industry’s future and is actively working towards achieving that in her current professional and personal journey.
  5. She is a Dairy Women’s Network member.

Nominations are now closed.


2017 Winner

Jessie Chan-Dorman 2017Jessie owns a dairy business with husband Hayden and has worked in several rural professional roles over the past 15 years in policy and sustainable farming. She’s on Fonterra’s Shareholders Council, Federated Farmers National Dairy Executive, is a Director of Ashburton Trading Society and a member of NZ Asian Leaders.

“Jessie demonstrates incredible enthusiasm, passion and drive. She articulates well, is focussed and self-aware of her strengths which have developed from a strong moral anchor and driving work ethic.

Jessie describes her leadership style as being that of a servant – she helps other to achieve their goals. While she believes that skills are important it is ultimately ones “attitude” that determines the effectiveness of those skills. Jesse leads with absolute integrity. Not only is consistency valuable in leadership, flexibility is key in order to drive change.

Jessie is a team player and in her governance roles enjoys the team effort of diverse thinkers; the sense of achievement in making decisions and then being held accountable.” – Judges Panel

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