Relationship Property 101


Hamertons Lawyers Limited will take you through the ins and outs of the mystifying world of relationship property.

This webinar will cover:

– What the process is when a relationship breaks down, and gain an understanding of the step and key considerations when this happens.
– Gaining insights into whether it is always a ’50/50′ split.
– Delve into the effects of various ownership structures such as companies, partnerships, trusts and sharemilker, and what they have on relationship property division.
– Frequently asked questions and common concerns about relationship property.

The presenters:

Angela Kershaw heads up the Family and Estates team at Hamertons Lawyers Ltd. She brings compassion and care to sorting out separations, dividing assets, establishing optimal familial arrangements and supporting families in times of crisis.

Nicole Gordon was driven to specialise in Family and Estates through her passion for helping clients cope with emotionally challenging situations. Nicole especially enjoys guiding clients through all of their legal options, helping identify optimal solutions.

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