How to Be a Bloody Good Boss Series

Together with DairyNZ, and PaySauce, we are proud to deliver these informative sessions covering the whole recruitment process.

These webinars will cover the five pillars of:

What skills do I need on farm – Identifying the roles and needs on farm

How do I recruit – Job descriptions, adverts, where to advertise, HR consultants for support

Interview – Checklist, phone interviews, reference checks, interview questions, how to sell yourself/farm & community, job offer

Contracts – Fair & reasonable, compliance housing & HR, review process, preparing for a new team, health & safety

O-week – Welcome kit, farm processes, top 10 tasks, payroll, weekly meetings, performance reviews, PD plans, capability matrix

These sessions are suited to anyone working with a team on farm. Login and and watch at your own pace.


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