The Voice

Stepping Up

Does your team have a Voice to listen too?

“Leaders need to listen” is an often-coined phrase. My experience is that it is difficult to listen when team members are not speaking. Perhaps leadership is more about creating an environment where individuals have a voice?

It is inspiring what ideas are spoken in a culture that is based on the belief and behaviour that all team members have valuable insights to contribute with the voice of everyone involved in the process encouraged, heard and respected.

To get people to have a voice is no easy task, many have not developed the skill or confidence to speak in a team environment. It is a developed skill to be able to put to words what you are trying to express, and the leader needs to be both understanding and supportive of this.

How much time do we give to developing an individual’s ability to articulate their ideas, thoughts and feelings?

Whether your team is small or large, the benefits of providing all team members with a voice are many. What I have observed is the progression of people in building confidence, a sense of self-worth, job satisfaction and engagement. Mistakes are reduced, work absences lessen and job tenure increases.

And, it is rewarding for the leader to experience these benefits, coupled with an easier job and improved business performance.

If your business is constrained by a lack of engagement from team members, email Mark Heer at 8pC on or phone 0275579422 to explore how to develop a voice in all your people, install a leadership culture where all voices are heard, lift team engagement and boost business performance.

Mark Heer

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