Moving Day advice from one farmer to another

Meridian Energy chatted to Dairy Woman of the Year 2019, Trish Rankin, to get her take on how to make moving farms smooth sailing.

Where to from here?

When you know you need to move, think about what’s important for your next farm: not just the hectares, but the home and community that comes with it.

“Write a list of what you need and what you want in a new farm for you and your family, and prioritise based on that,” says Trish.

Get in early

“The minute you know you’re shifting, book.”

This is Trish’s biggest piece of advice to help take some of the load off come moving time. Book your stock truck and moving company, and organise things like power, internet and post. They’re things you can tick off early, so you can focus on packing and getting from A to B later down the track.

One thing every week

Whether it’s a cupboard clean out, wardrobe stock take or working out whether the kids have outgrown their bikes, Trish says getting organised by tackling one small thing every week makes moving so much more doable.

Be kind to yourself

Moved further afield? Once you’ve unpacked, it’s time to settle in – not just to your house and farm, but the community.

“It takes a while to find your people, those that share your values and you’re comfortable inviting round for dinner,” says Trish.

“These things take time, so don’t rush it, and be kind to yourself.”

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