Tools to Make Good Decisions


Do you need simple tools you can use daily in your business and personal life?

Kane Brisco (author of Tools for the Top Paddock) and Shane Laurence (farmer and finance specialist) discuss simple tools you can apply.

You’ll come away with inspiration for yourself, your people, along with practical ways to address daily challenges and hopefully have a better night’s sleep. Brought to you by PaySauce.

Meet the Presenters

Kane is a Taranaki dairy farmer, public speaker, personal trainer and father of three. He established FarmFit in 2019 as a functional fitness class for his local community and has recently published his first book ‘Tools for the Top Paddock’.
Shane is a farmer, finance specialist and has been neck deep in cash flow for as long as he can remember. He has a passion for solving the challenges unique to SME business in NZ.
M-C is PaySauce’s Head of Sales & Marketing, a business development specialist and a fan of how tech can liberate you to get stuff done. A mother of goats, geese, a fat pig dog and currently sleeps OK-ish at night.