The Importance of Employment Contracts

This informative webinar with AgriSmart will enhance your understanding of effective onboarding strategies for new employees.

AgriSmart’s goal is to streamline the management processes of New Zealand’s primary sector.

Learning Outcomes:

Overview of Employment Contracts: We will discuss the critical importance of maintaining current and up-to-date employment contracts, emphasising even short-term contracts like calf rearing and relief milking, which are essential for legal compliance and organisational clarity.
Seamless Onboarding with AgriSmart: From job offers to the induction process, including health and safety content, we will demonstrate how AgriSmart facilitates a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for new employees.
Interactive Q&A Session: To conclude, we will have a dedicated segment for questions and answers, allowing us to delve deeper into specific areas of interest or concern for your members.

Meet the presenters

Marie-Claire Andrews
Marie-Claire (M-C) has been a friend of DWN for several years working closely with our team. She’s a passionate start up business expert, coach and mentor who lives by the mantra ‘no pressure, no diamonds’ and started working with Rob and the team at AgriSmart in March.

Rob Hart
Rob has worked with the DWN team over a couple of years. Gaining valuable Business Banking experience in the UK, Rob returned to New Zealand in 2018, where he utilised his knowledge and skillset to forge strong relations, and find solutions, for Kiwi business owners.  Roles have included recruiting and placing apprentices within the trades and helping agribusinesses with their workforce management.

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