Maximise Returns from Supplementary Feed

SealesWinslow has launched Ruminix³ – an easy-to-use digital tool that helps you understand the how to feed your herd to be more profitable. It helps to identify the limiting nutrients holding back milk production and how to feed those gaps to improve feed margin, bassed on the variables of your farm’s unique system.

Ruminix³ is a science-based tool tailored to our pasture-based farming operations. It can help you use supplementary feed more efficiently to maximise returns. Used by SealesWinslow at no cost to farmers,  Ruminix³ assesses pasture and supplementary feeding, and not only SealesWinslow products.

In this webinar, SealesWinslow Technical and Quality Manager Paul Drew demonstrates how the SealesWinslow sales team use the Ruminix³ tool to:

  • Input feed options and on farm information to gauge return on investment for your farm.
  • What alternative feed options could improve milk production outcomes and profitability.
  • Show an easy-to-understand report with the discussed outcomes that can be customised based on your individual needs.

This webinar is bought to you by SealesWinslow and Dairy Women’s Network

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