Getting Ready for N Reporting – With MyBallance

Join MyBallance product owner Dave Russell-Rockliffe, for a live webinar as he looks at the nitrogen cap reporting requirements using MyBallance.

This webinar will cover:

  • What reporting looks like through MyBallance
  • How to create a digital farm map in MyBallance
  • How to complete manual proof of application in MyBallance
  • Submitting your report using MyBallance

Meet the presenter: Dave Russell-Rockliffe

Dave has a background in product ownership and web development. He designed and built systems for a large financial services institution in Cape Town before switching industries (and countries) 3 years ago. When he joined MyBallance his first assignment was to create a mobile app that made it easier for our customers to engage with MyBallance. He is currently the digital product owner across both the mobile app and the secure customer web portal.