Getting ready for N reporting using MyBallance


Join Ballance Enterprise Solutions Manager Christina Finlayson and Senior Digital Product Lead Danusia Bathgate for a webinar looking at the nitrogen cap reporting requirements with a view to helping you navigate the process this year.

Christina Finlayson
Christina’s passion is in helping NZ farmers and growers make nutritious food as sustainably and efficiently as possible, to fuel our growing world. Christina grew up on a dairy farm in Matamata before studying environmental and biological sciences. Her career initially focused on sustainable agriculture science and advice on the ground. She then recognised the huge role that digital technology could play in driving this purpose to enable farmers and growers to meet their goals, especially with new regulations and supply agreement traceability conditions. She pivoted to lead the product development for Ballance’s MitAgator farm environment planning tool, which uses farm management and geospatial data to identify hot spots of environmental losses across the farm, and the most cost-effective mitigations to help farmers make their desired reductions. More recently, she’s helped shape some of the future digital innovations at Ballance, and currently leads a team of geospatial, machine learning, and BI analysts focused on innovating with data to solve farmer challenges – including the new 190 kg N/ha limit.

Danusia Bathgate
Danusia is the Senior Digital Product Leader at Ballance, boasting over 7 years at Ballance in marketing, customer experience, and digital product development. She is committed to delivering simplicity and tangible benefits for customers across the company’s digital platforms. Danusia’s approach involves actively engaging with farmers nationwide, gathering insights, and conducting rigorous user experience testing. She expresses deep appreciation to the Dairy Women’s Network for providing her with the opportunity to collaborate with an incredible team.

This webinar is brought to you by Ballance Agri Nurtrients and Dairy Women’s Network.