Get Financially Fit For the New Dairy Season

The last 12-18 months in the dairy industry has come with ups and downs… with dairy farmers balancing payout fluctuations, increased interest rates and farm working costs that have stayed fairly constant.

With all of this in mind, how is it best to get fit and ready for the new season? How do you get your business finances in shape so that you can enter the season in the best position possible?

Sally from CMK Chartered Accountants will provide you with top tips for getting financially fit as you head into the new dairy season, this webinar covers:

– Gaining insights into the current financial environment
– Understand the state of play with the milk payout
– Learning how to assess your current financial position
– Understand how a Cashflow forecast can help prepare you
– How to ensure you are operationally ready, beyond finances
– The importance of engaging with your team of rural professionals

CMK Chartered Accountants will help you to hit the ground running by arming you with the right tools to be financially fit, successful, and ready to tackle the 2024-2025 season!

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