Get Ahead of the Dairy Downturn


Essential financial management strategies for success this season.

Dairy farms across New Zealand are facing the toughest environment we’ve seen for some time. With a forecasted payout as low as $6.75 coming on top of ballooning interest rates and input costs – and now we’re told to expect a dry El Niño summer which could hinder production and inflate costs even further.

The outlook for many farms may be of concern, but with the right help from your accountants and advisers, the actual outcome is more within your control than you think.

Join Dairy Women’s Network, Figured and CMK Chartered Accountants on this webinar to find out:

– What exactly is happening in the dairy industry & how it will impact your farming business
– What action you must take now to lessen the hardship
– What you need to ask from your accountants
– How to proactively plan for a better outcome this season and seasons to come

It’s imperative that you and other on-farm decision makers act now and prepare for conversations with your off-farm team.  By speaking with your accountants now, you can create an achievable plan for various scenarios that may come your way so that you know what to do to steer your farm in the right direction.

This webinar is bought to you by Dairy Women’s Network and CMK Chartered Accountants