DWN19 Keynote Bundle

Our DWN19 Conference keynote sessions are still available for purchase, at the bundled price of $20.19!

Aimee Charteris is a Natural Food Specialist, her business philosophy is to use proven and practical biology to improve commercial performance across the value chain, to raise the profile of natural food products that originate from NZ.

Amanda Doughty, research scientist at Allflex Australia, will provide an overview of animal welfare science and the work being done on animal emotions.

Dr. Paul Wood is born and bred in Wellington and is pursuing his passion to help others turn adversity into their advantage and strive towards their potential.

Julia Rucklidge is a clinical psychologist with over 100 peer reviewed publications providing compelling evidence for the critical role of nutrition in mental health.

Sue Stockdale, the first UK woman to ski to the North Pole, will share how to take the first step out of your comfort zone.

Lawyer Vicki Ammundsen explores possibilities in trusts and how they can positively impact families.