Rose Young

Learning & Development Coordinator

From an early age, Rose discovered her deep-seated passion for agriculture, especially in the realm of dairy farming. Her journey began on farms during school, fostering a connection with the industry that would shape her future. At the age of 16, Rose first crossed paths with the DWN team, marking the beginning of a longstanding relationship. She even became a part of an “Our People, Their Stories” video, showcasing her dedication to the world of dairy farming.

Rose pursued her academic endeavors at Massey University, graduating with a Bachelor of Agribusiness. Simultaneously, she dedicated herself to DWN, contributing as part of the Farming for the Future Leadership Program (FFLP) Project. Over the years, Rose’s commitment and hard work have propelled her to her current role as the Learning and Development Coordinator at DWN.

In her role, Rose is enthusiastic about creating opportunities for growth and development within the organization. Her journey has been one of continuous learning and hands-on experience, aligning seamlessly with her role in fostering learning and development at DWN.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rose finds solace in the great outdoors, with a particular love for swimming and surfing. The allure of water activities captures her spirit, providing a perfect balance to her dynamic career in agriculture. As she navigates the waves of both her personal and professional life, Rose exemplifies a passion for growth, a love for agriculture, and a commitment to making a difference.