Calf Rearing Webinars

Prepare for a busy calving season with our Successful Calf Rearing webinar series with Natalie Hughes (SealesWinslow) and Mike Shallcrass (Fonterra).

To access each webinar please click the name of the session below. You will then be directed to input your name and email address.

Housing and Pen Design

Natalie Hughes walks us through how to set up a shed for optimal calf health, including ventilation, bedding, and shelter.

Milk and Colostrum

An informative webinar with Natalie Hughes on changes in milk over time, timing of feeding quality colostrum, and the impact on passive transfer.

Neonatal Calf Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Mike Shallcrass, Senior Veterinary Manager with Fonterra, discusses the importance of colostrum management, neonatal nutrition and disease prevention for a successful calf rearing season.

Feeding and Meal

Natalie Hughes talks through calf energy and protein requirements, and how to transition from milk to meal and meal to grass.

Achieving Liveweight Gains for Heifers

Learn more about the calculation of food to achieve liveweight targets, key target times and measuring options with Natalie Hughes.