About Us

Today’s dairy women are multi-talented, capable and influential and the Dairy Women’s Network works alongside our members to give them additional skills to take them to the next level in their careers.

The Network’s purpose is to develop and educate women to add value to the business of dairying.

We were established in 1998 by several of New Zealand’s leading dairying women, following their attendance at the second International Conference for Women in Agriculture held in Washington, DC.

Since then, we’ve grown rapidly.  Women have welcomed the professional and personal support the Network offers through activities such as conferences, Dairy Modules, regional meetings and social media channels.

Everything we do has been developed by dairying women to suit our busy lifestyles and communication styles.

Increasingly, the Network has become an influential industry participant and attracts significant support from sponsors and dairying organisations.

That helps us add even more value to our members, so they can add more value to their businesses.

Staying connected

Dairy Womens NetworkWomen are excellent communicators, and so the Network provides a mix of channels developed by dairying women especially to suit your busy lifestyle and communication needs.

Our members have access to professional and personal support through a mix of face-to-face gatherings and web-based contact, which includes our annual conference, Dairy Modules training programme, regional meetings and internet forums.

In its infancy, Dairy Women’s Network was a pioneer in connecting women online, with the launch of its first membership forum in 1998. This tradition continues with a key focus on creating virtual meeting spaces.


Here on the website you will find an array of useful resources for women building their dairying businesses, including:

  • and more


Facebook pages

The Network has a very active Facebook page, plus many regional groups have their own pages.

You can also find Dairy Women’s Network on Twitter and LinkedIn and will enjoy our regular e-newsletters.

Annual conference

Dairy Women’s Network hosts an annual conference, which is a vibrant event attended by hundreds of women.  The programme includes a unique mix of dairy industry discussions and memorable motivational speakers.

This annual gathering is a prime time for dairying women to connect and learn.  We guarantee you will go home feeling highly energised and inspired.

Regional groups

DWN Regional Conference

The Network’s regional groups are active in most regions across the country, and uniquely reflect the needs and interests of its local members.

The regional group gatherings offer practical professional development sessions offered with support from the Network and its sponsors.  The meetings also provide opportunity for networking and informal catch-ups.

Dairy Modules

We are committed to developing our members personally and professionally.  One of the ways we do that is by holding regular education and training sessions.

Dairy Modules are sponsored workshops held throughout the year, covering topics members identify as being most valuable.

Dairy Modules are designed by a combination of experts in their respective fields, Dairy Women’s Network employees and volunteer member input.  Most importantly, each training module is relevant and valuable in helping you achieve your dairy operation’s goals.

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