About Us 

Each generation of dairying women in New Zealand has faced their own set of challenges. Todays dairy women are multi-talented, capable and influential.  Many have professional skills in other disciplines which can be translated to their dairy farming business. 

The Dairy Women's Network was established in 1998 by New Zealand dairying women, following the 2nd International Conference for Women in Agriculture held in Washington, DC.  The Network's purpose is to develop and educate women, to add value to the business of dairying .

The Network’s growth has been rapid.  Women have welcomed the professional and personal support it offers through activities such as conferences, Dairy Days, regional meetings and daily e-digest.  Everything we do has been developed by dairying women to suit our busy lifestyles and communication styles.

Increasingly, the Network has become an influential industry participant and attracts significant support from sponsors and dairying organisations.  That helps us add even more value to our members, so they can add more value to their business.

Choose Opportunities That Work For You

Women are excellent communicators.  The Network recognises this by providing a mix of activities which enable our members to learn and share ideas in ways which work particularly well for them.

Our key activities are conferences, educational Dairy Days, regional meetings, daily e-digest internet communications - and a useful website.


Every day about 500 members receive a single, easily downloaded file which is a compilation of everyone’s input for that day. We know you don’t have hours available to spend online in chat rooms, so the e-digest gives you immediate access to a host of invaluable discussions, advice and personal insights .

Here you’ll learn about how others manage their farming practices; business management issues such as employment guidelines; dairy industry matters such as payout, and family issues such as child safety.

It’s like your extended family, where you know you’ll find genuine support and a friendly community. Log on at any time of the day and contribute to the discussion which will be read by the whole network, the next day.

Dairy Days February 2011 Claire Harvey presenting 'From Cashbook to Cashflow'


National conferences are held by the Dairy Womens Network alternately in the North Island and South Island.  These are great events - attended by hundreds of women for the unique mix of dairy industry discussions and memorable, motivational speakers.


It’s a jam-packed, stimulating time for New Zealand’s dairying women to meet, learn - and go home refreshed and energised.  For details on where the next conference is being held, click here.


The Dairy Women's Network website has plenty of useful resources for women who are building their dairying business. You’ll find a library of articles on everything from farming practices to women’s nutrition.  There are also network reports, contacts, a calendar of events, industry news and commentary - and relevant links.

Regional Groups

The Network’s regional groups each reflect the needs and interest of its members.  The organisation is flexible and structured to add value to participants, with useful support from the Dairy Women's Network, its Trust Board and sponsors.

Attend a regional meeting and take the opportunity to learn from a visiting speaker on topics ranging from internet banking to tax planning; from milk quality compliance to fertiliser planning; from leadership development to holiday planning.  There will also be a wealth of experience to draw on from other members, so there is always time for networking and informal chats.

Dairy Days

These on-day topical workshops bring you education and the latest research to help build your dairying business.  Dairy Days focus on issues you’ve told us are most important to you.  They are held throughout the country, from 10am - 2pm, and are intense, practical sessions led by specialists.

Being part of an innovative and challenging industry, we expect to keep testing new ideas and offering new activities as our members’ needs evolve.  So we’re looking forward to your input about how the Dairy Women's Network can support your changing needs.


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