Addie’s Blog #2 – Sunshine on the West Coast

Sunshine on the West Coast

Well 10 days of sunshine have hit the West Coast and it’s all go!

It’s been a busy week farm maintenance wise. I think I’ve carted about 124,000 loads of gravel.
Busy re-gravelling races, the yard and Kip thought he would build a new race while he was there😂

Our farm is set up as a run off for a 900-cow farm so our paddocks are 6-7ha each. We are
slowly refencing the paddocks to the correct size for our herd. It gets a bit tedious having to
break every paddock in half every day during the milking season.

It’s school holidays time which is a first for our 5-year-old. We are planning to head away in the
second week of the holidays for 5 days for a much-needed family break 🩷. Major winter maintenance is almost complete, and I think the bank balance will be happy about
that! It’s amazing how much extras cost but it costs just as much to maintain a dairy farm with
just the necessities.

Calving is getting very close. Our first calf is due 28th July 🙈 guess we better hurry up and get
those calf sheds ready next!

I have an exciting online meeting coming up with CMK accountants to learn how to use Figured this week. It will be great to see our finances live through this program.

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