Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month:

It’s easier to keep accurate farm data if you record it at the time

The nitrogen report you get from your dairy company each year has three important numbers in it, your nitrogen leaching risk, your nitrogen conversion efficiency, and your nitrogen surplus.  All of these numbers depend on the same data – that’s the data that you supply to your dairy company each year.

If your data is not accurate, ultimately it means that the numbers you get back won’t be accurate either.

It’s easier to keep data accurate if you record it at the time rather than trying to remember what you’ve done six months later.

To learn more about understanding your farm nitrogen report, click here  http://ballance.co.nz/Our-CoOp/Sustainability/Farm-Nitrogen-Reports

  • Tip of the Month – May

     Get your calf plan ready now before the first calf drops

    Get your calf plan ready before the first calf drops
    Calf rearing is stressful, juggling new born calves, your own children while battling the weather.  A little bit of planning helps take much of this stress away.  So what should be on the plan?

    • Calf shed ready to go, disinfected, with a supply of fresh clean water and fresh fibre
    • Liaise with your vet to lay out your drench and vaccination programme
    • Ensure you contact your merchant and place your orders for CMR, calf meal and ear tags etc
    • Lay out the plan with staff so that everyone knows what they are responsible for and when it needs to happen
    • Keep the plan simple!

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