Animal Welfare

  • Calf Rearing

    The following sections on calf rearing contain a wide array of advice and information, from both experts and members of the Dairy Women’s Network.

    Each section contains end user ideas, links to useful websites (where applicable) and articles written by members and / or experts.

    Bas Schouten has written a variety of papers calf rearing.  If you would like to download some of these papers, click on the link below to the South Island Dairy Event (SIDE) website.

    Additonally, our calf rearning section contains generic articles, aimed at the hands on calf rearer, providing personal insight or an overview of many subjects.The articles and information in this website are solely the views of the individual writer and are not to be attributed in anyway to the Dairy Women’s Network. The Dairy Women’s Network takes no responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of their content.

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