Technology of the Future – in the Office

We’re moving the dial with a technology focused webinar, empowering you to know what pieces of software work together and how you can improve your business.

If you play a part in running or operating a farm business, and want to work on future proofing, join us online for an exploration of in office technology.

With the right tools, processes and knowledge you can take your role to the next level of enjoyment, performance and efficiency.

Take a deep dive into accounting and budgeting software that can help to streamline your in office processes.

Hear from:

  • Cameron Anderson, from Xero, will speak about streamlining of software and why Xero
  • Dave McGregor, from Figured, will speak about how the system can support and enable your choices
  • Farmer Siobhan O’Malley will speak about why she chose Xero & Figured and her experience of the sign-up process
  • Kelly O’Reilly-Ward, from Strettons Chartered Accountants, will speak about case studies and why they use Xero & Figured
  • Phil Walker, from ASB Bank will speak about how banks are using the information from Xero & Figured to make timely decision