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For more than three decades, laboratories, veterinarians and producers have made decisions more confidently using IDEXX diagnostic tests and technologies. We don’t take that trust for granted— which is why we work so hard to earn it.

IDEXX Livestock, Poultry and Dairy provides diagnostic tests and software monitoring systems for managing herd and flock health and productivity. With over 9000 employees globally and an investment of 100 million dollars into R&D yearly, IDEXX strives to create new tests and testing formats that meet your demands for dependability and efficiency. IDEXX set up diagnostic testing programs with laboratories and veterinarians, collaborate on industry studies and field technical questions. Our scientists are always working to hone our testing technologies, optimizing reliability and reproducibility. From pregnancy tests that can accurately detect pregnancy from 28 days post-mating to superior infectious disease testing like the ‘IDEXX BVD Ag ELISA test,’ our tests are trusted. That’s because IDEXX’s livestock diagnostics are a critical part of our product portfolio and are inextricably tied to our focus on improving the health of the world’s pets and food animals. Trust IDEXX, like millions around the world do.