DWN Trust Board Vacancy – June 2024

What do Dairy Women’s Network (DWN) Trustees do?

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to set the strategic direction for DWN and oversee the business and provide oversight for the business.

The role of the Trust Board has been summarised into the following points:

  • Supports the setting of strategic direction and priorities.
  • Sets business policy and performance expectations.
  • Supports the characterisation and management of risk.
  • Monitors and evaluates business and organisational achievement.
  • Appoints and evaluates the performance of the CEO.
  • Ensures strong fiduciary oversight and financial management.
What is the time commitment?

We have 7 full meetings annually that usually run from 9:30am-1:00pm followed by lunch with the management team. You will need to pre-read board information prior to each meeting (approx. 2-3 hours). In person meetings are usually held in the Hamilton office.

  • February – in person
  • April – online
  • May/June – in person
  • July – online
  • September – in person
  • October AGM – online
  • November – in person

In addition, there are approx. 3 sub-committee meetings per year – all online. Effort is made to try and align board meetings with DWN feature events on our calendar (i.e. Conference and Leadership Forum) that require Trustee attendance.

Leadership Forum – typically held in February/March over 2-3 days. Where all our volunteer Regional Leaders from around the country come together for professional development, board members are asked to attend some if not all of this time and it is great professional development for you too!

Conference – typically held in May. While we are still finalising what this may look like annually, we ask our board members to attend conference. The announcements of the Fonterra Dairy Woman of the Year and Regional Leader of the Year awards also occur during conference.

How long is the term of appointment?
Generally, terms are 3 years although if a Trustee retires mid-term there may be a need to have shorter or longer terms.

Are Trustees remunerated?
  • DWN pays a small annual honorarium for services of Trustee’s.
  • Trustees receive professional development opportunities by being part of events, can attend webinars and local events too.
  • DWN will organise and cover reasonable travel and accommodation to meetings and board events, or reimburse costs inc
Can I have other roles too?

It is accepted and acknowledged that Board Members may have business and governance interests other than those of DWN.

Trust Board Members must disclose any potential, perceived or real conflict of interests at the outset of discussion on any topic which presents a potential conflict or as soon as a potential conflict is recognised by a Board Member. The Interest Register is updated for each board pack.

Trustees, our team, members, and partners.

Our team, members and partners play a vital part in our organisation. We have a small hard working, highly regarded management team that we like to catch up with at board meeting lunches or at events where we can all say thank you for their hard work.

We are funded by both small and large businesses and organisations. Trustees are asked to show our appreciation to partners, attend their events if invited, and network with partners at ours.

Our members are the heart of our organisation and everything we do is to empower and inspire them. Trustees are expected to get amongst the membership, hear their ideas, share a drink at events and make them feel valued and appreciated for trusting DWN too.

Applications close 5pm Friday, 28 June.

You can also learn more about us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

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