Leadership Forum 2022

We know how to walk the talk and we’re undoubtedly good at what we do. So, we’re using Leadership Forum to learn all about ‘’knowing me, knowing you’’, to get to know ourselves, each other, our communities and our organisation  We’ll do a bit of mindset and communication maintenance, learn how to respond in different situations, and get some critical thinking and conversational skills to articulate our stories clearly. We’ll make sure we know what to ask to support ourselves and others with their wellbeing and what to say during difficult conversations. Most importantly we will have fun!!

When: Monday 28 February – Wednesday 2 March 2022

Where: Narrows Landing, 431 Airport Road, Hamilton

Accommodation: Podium Lodge, 20 Peake Road, Cambridge


register Below by Monday 8 November

Travel Requirements

If you are unsure whether you should fly or drive, talk with your Hub Leader
You may extend your stay by arriving early or leaving later if you wish. You will only pay the difference if your chosen flight is more expensive than flying in on 28 February and out on 2 March.

Accommodation Requirements

There are a very limited amount of single rooms, these will be at an extra cost of $153 for two nights.
Accommodation outside the nights of 28 February and 1 March will be at your own expense.


Vaccination Certificates will need to be provided