Joining the DWN Volunteer Team

In the role of Regional Leader, you will be the face of Dairy Women’s Network in your region and a point of contact for farmers.

A main part of the Regional Leader’s role is organising, promoting and running events in your region. Events take the form of dairy modules and partner modules as well as regional events catering specifically to your members’ needs.

Regional Leaders work as part of a team to deliver events that align with our values of Making it Happen, being Inclusive, being One of a Kind, and Standing Tall Together.

Becoming a Regional Leader provides an exciting opportunity to extend your leadership journey in the dairy industry, and is a step along a path that may lead you into governance, employment or other forms of leadership in the industry or beyond.

Who are we looking for?

Our Regional Leaders are women who come to the role for different reasons, united in empowering farm businesses to thrive through knowledge and connection, and in doing so, gain confidence, knowledge and skills through a supportive network.

You don’t have to be a dairy farmer or hands-on on farm to be a leader – you can be involved in the industry in other ways. Our Regional Leaders represent our members who come from all aspects of agribusiness.

The perks of the role are great! You will be networking with a raft of people, from partners and industry representatives, to media, local agri-businesses and your community. You will receive access to speakers and experiences exclusively for Regional Leaders. Part of the Dairy Women’s Network philosophy is investing in our volunteer leaders. If you are keen on formal professional leadership development, we offer this twice a year.

While the Regional Leader role does involve some of your time, we do understand that you have many other roles too. Therefore, this is a team effort, and you will be part of a team of leaders in your region who ‘Stand Tall Together’ to ‘Make it Happen’.

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I’m keen to sign up!

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