DWN19: Workshops

DAY ONE: Wednesday 1 May 2019

This year we are holding two workshop sessions on day one of conference.  The workshops will be repeated with the opportunity to attend two workshops throughout the day. CHECK OUT THE KICKSTART BREAKFAST TAKING PLACE AT 7.00AM!

  • W1: Care Ownership Wellbeing Safety (C.O.W.S)

    What does human connection have to do with workplace safety? The answer is “lots”.

    In 2018 Ballance Agri-Nutrients developed and launched their own two day C.O.W.S programme to every one of their 800 employees.

    The fundamental belief is that our care, ownership, wellbeing and safety can be enhanced through human connection.

    This workshop uses the experience and learnings Ballance gained through C.O.W.S to help enable you enhance the wellbeing and safety on your farm and at home.

    Presenters: Ballance Agri-Nutrient’s Harriett Howden (Regional Sales Manager) and Mandy McPhail (Supply Chain Consistency Program Lead)

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  • W2: Living with less: Less stuff. Less waste. Less impact

    How do you significantly reduce your waste to one wheelie bin a year?

    After years of working in global consume goods, Nicola Turner started a personal quest to live more simply and sustainably. Join Nicola for inspiration and tips on how to live life with less stuff, less waste and less impact.

    She will share how as a family of four they have simplified their relationship with stuff, freed up time and significantly reduced their waste.

    Nicola is a passionate advocate for keeping it real.

    Presenter: Nicola Turner, Founder – Mainstream Green

  • W3: Building financial confidence and well-being

    Learning outcomes

    • Understand why the bank assesses your business the way they do.
    • Understand how that assessment impacts you and your business.
    • Understand what you can control to improve your business performance.
    • Learn strategies to make improvements, gain more control and financial confidence and well-being.

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DAY TWO: Thursday 2 May 2019

This year we are holding two workshop sessions on day two of conference.  The workshops will be repeated with the opportunity to attend two workshops throughout the day. CHECK OUT THE KICKSTART BREAKFAST  TAKING PLACE AT 7.00AM!

  • W4: Diversifying risk on farm

    Join us to discuss with local farmers on how they have diversified their risk on farm through various options.

    Let’s have further discussions on innovative and future focused ideas.

  • W5: Livestock Welfare

    The aim of this workshop is to provide an interactive environment for participants to deepen their understanding of livestock welfare. Topics to be explored include:

    • Defining livestock welfare
    • Exploring livestock welfare from a variety of stakeholder perspectives
    • Investigating the differences between animal welfare and animal ethics
    • Understanding animal sentience and its impact on welfare
    • Understanding the factors that can impact on livestock welfare
    • Considering legislation (Codes, Standards and Guidelines) and best practice
    • Identifying, assessing and addressing welfare on-farm
    • The role of technology in monitoring and measuring welfare

    Presenter: Amanda Doughty

    Amanda Doughty is a Research Scientist for Allflex Australia and works as part of the Animal Monitoring Research, Development and Application team. This group is focused on developing animal monitoring technologies, based on measuring behavioural changes, and using these innovations to improve the health and welfare of livestock.

    Prior to this, Amanda was researching novel and automated methods of assessing the welfare of extensively kept sheep at the University of New England. Other research interests include understanding changes in animal motivation and preference, the role of the producer in livestock welfare and developing practical methods of measuring and improving the welfare of livestock.

    Amanda studied Zoology at Massey University and completed a Master of Animal Studies at the University of Queensland. This was followed by a PhD with the CSIRO and the University of New England.



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  • W6: Mastitis and best practice in the Dairy plant

    Learn more about mastitis and best practice in the Dairy plant.

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