Explore what awaits you at our 2024 Enhance. Elevate. Evolve conference!

Prepare for a range of empowering and engaging workshops, dynamic speakers, delicious breakfast and dinner, and a treasure trove of other surprises. We’re pulling out all the stops to ensure you leave feeling armed with the tools you need to ENHANCE your core values, ELEVATE your tools and strategies, and EVOLVE your connections.

See who we have lined up as our breakfast speaker and the range of workshops below!  

the breakfast speaker

A farmer, a mum, a station cook, an author, an influencer and all the other jobs in between, Philippa is an advocate for women's roles in farming no matter what that may look like or entail. Whether knee deep in muck, up early for morning milking, making the smoko or running the 'side hustle' to help pay the bills, Philippa wants you to know how vital your role is to your family and business. 'As I have taken on the role of the cook, I have found a purpose in the role. Some may feel that being tied to the kitchen is a step backwards for feminism. But I see my role being one of importance. It may seem like just a cuppa and a scone some days, but it sis more than that. It is bringing the staff together'


learning outcomes

To increase awareness of the commercial opportunities for sustainable milk. Help build an understanding of how running an efficient business supports sustainability. How to identify on-farm efficiency opportunities relevant to your own farm operation, and how to take action on this.

learning outcomes

Discover how to cultivate personal experiences. Learn how to manage the day-to-day stresses of juggling family life. Address and acknowledge the importance that self-awareness, restorative practices and boundaries play in our lives.

Learning outcomes

To boost confidence and belief in your own ability to succeed and achieve in the dairy industry. Explore a range of pathways and opportunities within the dairy farming sector, gaining an understanding of different roles and career paths. Address and acknowledge the barriers and challenges faced by women in the dairy industry and equipping you with the strategies to overcome these obstacles and pursue a successful career. Gain knowledge from the panelists and understand the practical steps they took to achieve success. Take on board practical advice given on various tools for navigating our industry and achieving success

Learning outcomes

Discover what Lean Management is and why it is important / relevant for your farm. Explore the 8 Wastes in your farm business and how these add unnecessary time, cost and stress to your farm business. Understand why profitability is crucial, and what lean looks like on farm. Gain practical insights into the 3 key lean tools that you can apply immediately to your farm! Learn why ‘Challenging the Status Quo’ and asking ‘Why’ is fundamental to change and continuous improvement.

interactive session

learning outcomes

Discover a deeper understanding of your own interests, skills, strengths, aspirations and goals. Delve into the opportunities that have the potential to accelerate their own personal journeys and pathways. Identify what might be holding them back from new experiences and personal growth. Will gain confidence in their abilities and potential to achieve their aspirations and goals. Leave the workshop with a renewed sense of motivation, energy, direction and purpose.

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