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Historically, industry good activities were undertaken on behalf of dairy farmers by the New Zealand Dairy Board.

When Fonterra was created and the Dairy Board disestablished in 2001, it was agreed that it was essential that these industry good activities be continued, and are owned by dairy farmers. This resulted in the creation of Dexcel and Dairy InSight.

Dairy InSight administered the levy all dairy farmers paid for the purposes of furthering dairy industry knowledge through research, development and education. Dairy InSight’s role was to provide funding to the various providers and measure outcomes for farmers to ensure the levy was being well invested.

Dexcel was a lead provider of research, development and on-farm education to the dairy industry in New Zealand, and incorporated the former Dairying Research Corporation (DRC) and the Consulting Officer Service of Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC).

The NZ Dairy Board provided funds to enable Dexcel to take ownership of DRC from itself and AgResearch. Dexcel used these funds to purchase the livestock and farmland at Newstead that had been leased by DRC from AgResearch.

The NZ Dairy Board also initially provided most of Dexcel’s operational funding. After deregulation of the dairy industry, New Zealand’s dairy farmers voted in favour of funding Dexcel by means of a direct levy, paid via Dairy InSight, on all bovine milk producers, collected under the Commodity Levies Act 1990.

DairyNZ was formed on 1 November 2007 when farmers voted in favour of the recommendation to merge Dairy InSight and Dexcel.

The main aim of DairyNZ is to secure and enhance the profitability, sustainability and competitiveness of New Zealand dairy farming. DairyNZ is fully independent, farmer-controlled and accountable solely to its farmer members.

DairyNZ is working for the New Zealand dairy farmer. Everything we do is to enhance the profitability, sustainability and competitiveness of dairy farming in New Zealand.

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